Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have a Healthy Home

I am co-leading a small group for first time pregnant moms this semester.  We had a Great and VERY informative group last night about Having a Healthy Home.  With all of the new health problems popping up every day, this is definitely a topic that deserves some attention.  My co-leader, Amanda, gets all the credit for doing a wonderful job presenting information on having a healthier pregnancy, baby, and home.  We covered lots of topics such as good nutrition, what you should buy organic, where there are the most chemicals in your home, pesticides in our food and much more!  It definitely gave me A LOT to think about today! 
As Amanda said last night, "Knowledge is power."  If you don't have the knowledge then how can you make informed decisions regarding your child's health???  This is also the theme of this blog.  Educate Educate Educate.  Don't rely on your doctor/family/friends to make your all your healthcare decisions for you.  Rather, learn for yourself, discuss with your provider and then make your own informed decisions that you can feel good about!
I wanted to pass along a website with some great information and some easy ways to make your home healthier.  It can be overwhelming, but you've just got to take baby steps!  One small thing at a time.  Isn't that the way with everything in life.  Baby Steps!  My first baby step is to go through all our plastic ware and chunk the "unsafe" plastic.  Plastics that have a "3" "6"or "7" on the bottom are in the unsafe category because of the chemicals they're made with.  "1,2,4,5" are considered safer.  is the website  - Check it out!  Look at the "5 Easy Steps"

Oh, one other thing I wanted to pass along that my husband has told me many times after seeing this in the hospital.  DO NOT EVER KEEP DRANO OR A LIKE SUBSTANCE IN YOUR HOME!!!  If you need it, then go buy it, use it all and throw it away.  If a child ingests drano or liquid plumber or anything like that, it basically eats their insides and there's nothing that can be done.  Trey said it is horrible!

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